our vision

Inspiring an International Market of the Arab Ready-made Clothes with Renewable and High Quality Models Challenging the International Trademarks and New Designs Matching with our Customs and Fulfilling Our Customers' wishes and Demands

About us

We inherited the clothes industry from our predecessors before 1891. For 23 years, IKAF Ready-Made Clothes Co. started inspiring the idea of the men robes that wasn’t exited that time with its designs, quality, and various ores. Today, we provide our customers with an honorable model of the Saudi industries in the field of clothes. We crossed all lines, in which our products are exported to 32 countries. We registered our trademark in more than 127 countries all over the world.

Yes, we’re proud

- of having distributors all over the world:

- Our distributors can speak more than 17 languages.

- Our exhibitions are available 247.

- We’re proud of our customers who paved the way with us. We seek keeping on our honest dealing and the mutual care of the common interests.

Yes, we’re proud of providing exceptional services to more than (23,000,000) customers since the establishment of the company.

Through our trademark, we guarantee that our customers will enjoy the best fabrics highest tailor-made standards through our products fabricated in the company’s factories in a number of continents. In this vein, the company committed with the adopting the highest international quality standards and safety specifications in addition to taking advantage of the experiences of the technical experts in the professional planning and the ERB of all production and marketing processes in order to ensure the quality of the product and service, the matter which qualified it to obtain international certificates.

Our motto, for 23 years, is (for Quality Seekers).It's a line drawn from the beginning with credibility, honesty, and victory, and we will keep going on .

Latest News

"تم توقيع الاتفاقية النهائية بين شركة اكاف العربية وشركة ( G .H .M ) الهندية بشان تصنيع منتجات شركة اكاف بمصانع الشركة الهندية , وتعتبر هذه الاتفاقية هي الثالثة التي تبرمها شركة اكاف العربية مع الشركات الهندية ويتوقع ان يبدء الانتاج اعتبارا من شهر فبراير 2014م وتعتبر شركة ( G .H .M ) الهندية من الشركات المتخصصة في تصنيع منتجات العديد من الشركات العالمية

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